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Annette von der Heide

World Press online is a useful ressource for information about the world of packaging.  
Swiat Druku
Karolina Drozdz

“World Press Online is an excellent news resource and a great tool for journalists, that provides timely, relevant and useful information. We are very grateful for your site.”
Sanat Bastebandi
Reza Nouraei
Editor in chief

In fact it is many years that we benefit of your activity. And it is 
many years that we thank you.

EOL - Packaging - Environment - Logistics
Urška Košenina

“I am using your website weekly to gather the news from the packaging world, which I select and report about in monthly issues of our magazine. The news is fairly objective and equally spread around the world so you get a good perspective on what is going on in the packaging segment. I am very thankful for your website, and will keep on using it. Keep up the good work!”
Packaging Today
David Longfield
Deputy Editor

With innovation and change happening as fast and frequently as it does in the packaging sector, WorldPressOnline allows me to see quickly and efficiently which of the day’s news stories is most relevant for our titles – an indispensable service.
Creativ Verpacken
Ute Von Buch

helpful, international, in deep, in time
Angelika Meiss
Senior Editor, Health & Beauty Media GmbH, publisher of COSSMA

I find that Worldpressonline is a great service for journalists! It does not only offer interesting press releases but also invaluable photo material and is also a great source of information when doing a research.
I always look forward to receiving the compiled news once a week and often find interesting press releases.

Emballages Magazine
Henri Saporta
Rédacteur en chef

Over time, Worldpressonline has become a source of information of unequalled regularity in the world of packaging. Furthermore, thanks to its international anchoring, Worldpressonline ensures a total coverage of all European, American and Asian companies' news.  PR agencies and press attachés have a solid intermediary to reach out to journalists


Au fil du temps, Worldpressonline est devenu une source d'information d'une régularité incomparable dans l'univers de l'emballage et du conditionnement. En outre, grâce à son ancrage international,  Worldpressonline assure une couverture complète de l'actualité des entreprises européennes, américaines et asiatiques. Les agences de communication et les attachés de presse disposent, en conséquence, d'un solide relais pour toucher au quotidien les journalistes.

Emma Fiorentino

We have been using WorldPressOnline service for many years and it has proved to be an invaluable tool. Being a publishing house with magazines devoted to the packaging and plastics industry, we find the site to be very helpful when looking for up-to-date information.